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Frequently Asked Questions

What is required from the Client?
The content (wording) for each web page and all photos must be provided by the Client.

What is the estimated completion date?
eAdvertising Solutions, LLC and the Client must work together for completion in a timely manner.  We agree to work expeditiously and every attempt to complete (but not gauranteed) no later than thirty days after submission of all required materials.

Are there any laws regarding Internet publication?
Yes, the Client agrees that any material submitted for publication on the Internet will not contain anything abusive, violent, or illegal in nature.

Will draft copies be provided before payment?
As a mattrer of practice, eAdvertising Solutions, LLC presents draft copies in anticipation of approval and a binding contract.  

What is the payment policy?
eAdvertising Solutions, LLC was founded on providing an affordable online advertising presence.  Various payment options are available which includes intial and final payments.
Will eAdvertising Solutions, LLC offer any assistance if requested?
We include general Internet education, support, training, and documentation where needed.

If you have any additional questions?
Provide and submit any additional questions on Contact Page.